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microstuff is a microscope application that uses iphones’ and ipads’ built-in camera and zoom to show kids the tiny details of everyday objects and teach them about what their world is made of.

It started as a task for the Visual Elements of User Interface Design by CalArts course on Coursera, as part of the UX Design specialization certificate, and I developed it further to create a full case study.

Getting Started

How does the user learn what to do?

What might users want this kind of app to be able to do?

How does it zoom?

How does it focus?

How does it capture an image?

How does the user find suggestions for what even looks cool under examination?

What kind of language is scientific and education but easy to understand?

Does it open to a menu or to the camera or to a screen with ideas maybe?

How does a real microscope work?

How might we help kids with a science project?

How might we teach kids about plants, creatures, soil or other materials?

How might we make this experience fun for kids?

Science IS cool and interesting, but it’s also a broad and complex subject, and can be intimidating. microstuff aims to encourage young kids’ excitement about science class.

microstuff is designed with future scientists in mind, to give kids a fun and exciting way to learn about their world and to get them excited to continue to study science. 

- questions/problems

- user persona

- considerations/process

- character creation/branding 

- pattern library

- wireframes


Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 7.29.30 PM.png
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