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Campaign Media Library Folder Structure

Netsertive, 2021

The Netsertive advertising platform gives users the ability to upload unique assets for each campaign. Videos, images, fonts, animation files and widgets are all uploaded to the "Campaign Media Library" to be used in ads within that campaign. 

The big problem users face with this library is the lack of organization. 

The "Show:" dropdown is confusing, there was no way to select multiple items at once, and no way for users organize the library. For campaigns that run all year with frequent changes, this can easily lead to confusion and frustration as users look through pages of assets.

I started by researching and reflecting on existing folder structure conventions, and defining the problem as: Users need a way to intuitively group assets into folders, to save time and avoid the frustration of looking through pages of assets.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 5.01.43 PM.png

A good, intuitive folder structure seems completely simple, because you don't even have to think about it, but designing a system from scratch, I had a lot of questions:

What are the user actions?

How would folders impact search ability? 

How do we move things in and out of folders?

Can Netsertive platform allow for click-and-drag?

Can we give users the ability to select multiple items at once?

What is process for changing assets locations?
When you delete an asset does it move out of the folder or fully delete?

Will you be able to tell if an asset is inside a folder from the search results? How?


I defined the user journey and created a wireframe to share with the product development team to review and discuss. Limitations within the existing platform and development team bandwidth were challenges that lead to some compromises on the ideal user experience, so considering solutions for every step of the user process was very important to make sure we could give users the best experience within the confines of what was possible.

Breadcrumbs show user is inside folder and hope could use breadcrumbs or “Campaign Media”

After reviewing and discussing the wireframes, I made updates to the user flow, asked questions to the highest-frequency users, and created a final prototype that would fit seamlessly into the existing product, and demonstrate exactly how the process would function.


In the end, we were able to solve for selecting multiple items, adding and organizing folders and navigating the folders with breadcrumbs, and added "click-and-drag" functionality to the future plans. 

Select multiple and right click to move to folder (would be nice if we could also create a
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